Sunday, December 12, 2010

Now with Twitter

It's been a while since I posted anything on the blog. I've simply had quite a lot to do lately. When I had the energy to write a post, I had no time. When I finally had time, I didn't have the energy to do so. That said, I now have a lot I'd like to write about, as long as I can make up my mind about what I should write about first.

I'll do my best to get a few posts up within the coming weeks.

I've also added a Twitter box on the left side of the blog. When I make a normal post on the blog, it takes up a fairly significant amount of space on the screen, with a big title, comments fields, tags and so on. This is rather counterintuitive for minor posts, those that are small enough to fit in a Twitter post. With a Twitter box on my blog, I can now post minor updates on the run without having to think about whether or not the post makes proper use of the big screen space it fills. This should also allow me to make updates even in periods like the one that just was, where I have a lack of time or energy (or both) to write bigger posts.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Poetry and perfectionism

Thought I'd make a quick, new post.

Had a spur of creativity the other day and ended up writing some poetry. I have for a while also been wanting to try out my ink pen, so I ended up putting it to paper as well. While doing so I started getting some vague visual images in my head that I wanted to capture as well. Taking into consideration that I am absolutely horrible at drawing I think I did a relatively good job, even if it still isn't all that pretty to look at.

For the record, I'm not going to translate my poems as that more or less kills some of the "charm", and even the symbolism behind it. Some expressions just can't be translated. Anyway, here's what came out of it (click the picture to view in full size):

Untitled, 15.11.2010 [via ImageShack]

My downstairs neighbours (who I must say are really good people) just got themselves a new TV and asked if I wanted their old one. It didn't take long until there was another TV in my apartment. I had a lot of stuff connected to my previous TV and it has always a nightmare whenever I needed to move something around. Had to make a new setup as the TV I got was considerably larger than my old one, and I have to admit that I spent quite a lot of hours creating a decent setup... almost as if I was trying to achieve some absurd "perfection".

Actually, I have an impression that it is a fairly common PDD trait, to be quite thorough or even perfectionistic when doing something. I have no idea how many times I pulled out something that I had already connected to run the cables over or under something else just to make it all suit my preferences.

That said, I am finally done. Took a few pictures of it and figured I might as well put one up here too.

My TV upgrade [via ImageShack]

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vinyls, the sea and operas

No big, important or overly serious post today.

I was out earlier today trying to get a bigger memory card and extra battery for my new camera. Had to travel farther than I had planned in order to get a battery. Figured that I might as well take a look around when I was already there, and ended up in a media store nearby. After a while I saw something that I had to try really hard not to buy. The wallet was spared but it felt bitter leaving the store. Behind me lay a set of 12" vinyls of pure magnificence, in a box saying Pink Floyd - The Wall. Of course, it is obviously one of the newer re-issues, but... me wants!

YouTube-time. This song is so fantastic that it deserves a mention:

Robert Wyatt - Sea Song

It can also be heard on Spotify, on Wyatt's Rock Bottom album from 1974.

On to something slightly different. As I watched and listened to this, a part of me died... of laughter. There is no description that can do justice to this. Allow me to present to you the greatest aria of modern time:

Terminator 2: The Opera!
Click here to watch in higher quality on YouTube.

Check out their YouTube channel for some other great musicals, like Conan the Barbarian: The Musical and Robocop: The Musical. ;)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

To write about it; not so simple after all

The plan was simple. There was to be a decent article about PDDs (Pervasive Developmental Disorders) published on the blog by now. I said to myself: "You have learned quite a lot about all this throughout the last months. And after all, this is something you have lived with your entire life, so it should be simply for you to write a lot about it."

And that is in fact the problem. I am not trying to write a book. I am not trying to write a monster of a text. I am trying to write something that people can sit down with, set aside a few minutes to read through and then make up an impression. This is no small subject though. It's impossible to make this a short and simple thing. I will at least throw on some basic information for now.

First of all, I would like to say something which is very important to keep in mind regarding the diagnoses I am going to mention; They are essentially collections of traits, where a certain number and combination of common traits must be present. Two people with the same diagnose can be affected in very different ways and with a big difference in severity, due to the combination of traits they have are different.

PDD is a category of diagnoses (five diagnoses in total) rather than a diagnose in itself. Three of the diagnoses in the category are often referred to as the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD);
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS)
  • Asperger Syndrome (AS)
  • Autism
I have PDD-NOS, which is basically the "catch-all" diagnose of the PDD category. What that means is that I do have a PDD, but that I don't fulfill enough of the criterias necessary to get any of the other, more specific diagnoses. As you might understand from this, PDD-NOS is a very broad diagnose. One person might have relatively mild traits. Another person may have quite prevalent traits and be struggling comparably to those who are on the severe end of autism, but the combination of traits do not add up to an autism diagnose.

When it comes to my own PDD-NOS, I think the best way to describing how it affects me is to say that I have "some Asperger-traits". I do not have AS, but there is a fair few traits I do share with those who have this diagnose. This all said and done, I think I've done enough writing for now. Don't be afraid to ask if you have any questions about all of this. If you have any questions regarding all of this, please do ask me. A few questions might just be what I need to find better ways to write about this.

A tiny note on the blog itself: I've opened up for allowing everyone to leave comments on the posts, without having to be registered on certain sites anymore.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Norwegian version and Facebook page

Just a quick update this time.

It is now possible to choose whether you want to read the blog in English or Norwegian. Most of the time posts will be published simultaneously in both languages. There are still certain areas of the Norwegian blog that have not been translated yet due to technical issues.

I have also set up a Facebook page for the blog. You can find it by clicking this link.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get a slightly more interesting post up sometime tomorrow or Saturday.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A new beginning

Welcome to my very own, new blog! I hope that you'll enjoy your stay, and that you may eventually find something within my blog that will be of interest to you.

The first post is always the hardest it seems. Either there is just too much to say and it feels impossible to shorten it down, or there is something I want to say that I just can't find the words for. I've decided to try and make this post simply about explaining what motivated me to start this blog and essentially what the main theme of it will be. So, here goes:

There will be random ramblings about everyday stuff, my interests and all that. However, the real reason for starting this blog is that I fairly recently received a set of diagnoses for something which has had quite a lot of impact on my life. As such, I would like to use this blog to both raise awareness around these conditions and try to help people understand the true nature of them to the best of my ability. That does not mean my blog will be one giant medical journal with big, fancy words that no one will understand. I actually think one can learn much more by seeing the day to day happenings (not just the troubles, but also the greater moments).

Before getting to what the diagnoses are, I want to get one thing said very quickly: Even if I have this collection of letters and terms attached to me, I am still the same person as I used to be. Before all this, I was myself. After all of this, I am still myself.

Enough stalling. Fancy medical letter combination coming up:
  • ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)*
  • PDD-NOS (Pervasive Development Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified)
  • Dysthemia
  • DSPS (Delayed Sleep-Phase Syndrome)**
So there you have it, these are the diagnoses I got. ADHD? PDD-NOS? What is all this? This is part of what has made me an oddity. This is part of why I have had these problems that may have seemed illogical to some of you. This is part of why I used to do so well in school. This is part of why I have always enjoyed being creative. This... this is not some disease or illness that has struck me, this is a part of me, a part of who I am, and a part of who I have always been. The only difference now is that I have found better ways of explaining it.

That's enough for a first post I think. I don't intend to scare people away with towering posts that takes forever to get through (I think this one is already getting long). I will probably spend a bit of time on the next few posts to try and give some explanations as to what these diagnoses entail, but as I said earlier, I'll try to keep the dreadful medical mumbo-jumbo to a minimum.

Thanks for reading through all of this.

Here, have a banana. My treat.

* My papers only state ADHD, but my impression is that with the subtype it would be ADHD/PI (previously known as ADD)... but I should double-check that at some point to be sure.
** The word "delayed" is a bit misleading here, as my entire sleep-wake cycle is longer than normal. Simply put, my biological clock is convinced that a day is far longer than just 24 hours.

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