Saturday, January 22, 2011

Uhh, calendar?

Ever since my last post it has mostly been just a mad dash against time. It's been quite hectic to put it mildly. I've had a bunch of great experiences that I'd love to write about; in fact, that has been part my plan all along. In the end though it has really worn me out.

This last week I've felt quite exhausted and barely had energy to do anything sensible at all. The only things I've really done are sleeping and trying to stress down in front of the computer. Any kind of structured sleep haven't existed, and I've missed out on a few days this week. It feels like the week has just barely started. I didn't really realize how exhausted I had been though until today. As I finally woke up and took a look at the calendar, I had to ask myself: "Where on Earth has yesterday gone?" scratched my head for a moment wondering what the hell had happened to yesterday. Had I slept through the entire day? Nope, yesterday was a Friday, and I knew I hadn't missed out on Friday. Turns out I've been thinking it was the 20th yesterday when in fact it was not.

Unfortunately, the 21st was important...

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