Friday, February 4, 2011

To sleep away my lack of focus

I think it is about time I posted something on the blog. It has been a while now.

Lately I've been utterly drained of energy. At certain times I've barely been able to stay awake for more than just a few hours at a time. That is in itself is exhaustive. No way to really know when I have the energy to stay up, no way to really know in advance when I will be in need of some sleep, no way to plan a day because you don't know what parts of it you'll actually spend being awake. Hopefully though, I'm on my way up again.

I don't really know why it has been like this. I have my suspicions, but ultimately it is all just speculation. If I am to take a shot at explaining it, I'd say that I've been doing too many things that have been challenging to me in too short an amount of time, coupled with the highly varying tidiness in my apartment. It's exhausting when the apartment is too untidy, but it also requires a certain surplus of energy to get it out of the way too. Not the easiest thing to get started on when I start the day being in bad shape.

As such, I haven't really been able to get any proper writing done in a while. I have a lot to write about though. Since I seem to be in a writing mood now, I'll also start writing on some of the upcoming posts too (that is, mostly posts I've been planning for quite some time). I could probably have postponed putting up this post in order to get that planned writing added in, but then this post would probably turn out to be incredibly long and become a harsh read. Besides, should I at some point whilst writing lose this focus I have right now then I will at least have gotten some of it published to my blog.

So, fingers crossed for another post coming relatively shortly, maybe even with a slightly different and more optimistic topic.

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