Monday, June 6, 2011


Lately I've been trying to write several proper posts, but no matter what I tried my hand at I just couldn't get it to turn out the way I wanted it. Eventually I just let my thoughts flow freely and write whatever came to mind.

Today I decided to finish up some of that which I had written.


I think that went well,
thank you for your company.
If not for your support
this gathering would truly
have been dinner in hell.

Now we close the door,
heading each to our own
for evening is settling in.
I'll see you tomorrow
when I go out once more.

Though as I stare intently
at the visage inside the mirror,
I can't tell the difference
between you and me.
Out of touch with reality.

I really don't know anymore
if I'm the one wearing you
or if you're the one wearing me.
I just wander along the stripe
towards yet another encore.

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