Friday, August 5, 2011

Cardboard boxes^13

I've had a really nice time with my family visiting me the day after my last post and spending a week here. The days passed way too quickly. I also considered taking a trip to my brother and his girlfriend, but eventually figured that it (in my opinion) would have required far too much additional driving for my dad. Hopefully it won't be too long until I get to make that trip.

The next week was mostly spent packing up a lot of stuff and trying to prevent all the work from making my apartment a complete mess. Long story short, my ex has kept most of her stuff here while she was staying at her school. Now that she's on the move she wanted to pick it up. So, last Sunday the rest of it disappeared.

Now my apartment is a fair bit emptier than it used to be. Apart from some curtains (which I have already replaced) I pretty much owned most of the things critical to getting by. That said, I now do lack a few things that would have been handy, like shelving space in the bathroom, a table in the living room and a TV bench. Just need to head out, find some furniture I like and buy it, right? Well...

I'm also in the middle of looking for a new apartment to rent, with intent to move in as soon as possible (and hopefully not have to move for a long time). I don't know when that will happen though; could be in a few weeks, could be many months from now.

In the end, I'm likely just going to buy some really cheap furniture to use temporarily until I find a new place. Would be a complete waste if I bought some expensive furniture that turned out to be impossible to use in the new apartment. I have to admit it is quite frustrating.

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